Welcome to ecohouse.live – a new online magazine to inspire and inform you about sustainable new-build homes. Our home is our most personal and intimate space, the stage for our life and relationships, the foundation of our health and wellbeing, and an expression of our style. It is also the biggest financial investment most of us will make.

Making the next house you live in an ecohouse makes sense for you and the planet. We hope you enjoy these articles, and please do add your comment to any of them or on the Feedback page.

articles to inspire and inform about sustainable homes

what is a sunspace

A glazed sun-facing room is the simplest way to enhance solar gain – and grow some veg.

it’s about performance

What makes an ecohouse “eco” is how it performs across a range of sustainable criteria.

work from home

Having to work from home during the COVID lockdown has been challenging for many people, but also revealed its benefits.

what the people said

Our survey showed that people believe sustainability is important when buying a new home.

what is an ecohouse

The term ecohouse means different things to different people but there are some essential ingredients.

turn off the water

The way we use water is just as important for an ecohouse as the way we use energy.

turn up the power

The demand for electricity is set to increase, so how can we deliver sustainable energy to an ecohouse.

certified sustainable

Whilst it is not essential to get formal certification for an ecohouse, these different schemes are useful to consider.

the Oxford Ecohouse

The Oxford Ecohouse was the subject of the seminal book “Ecohouse” by its owner, Prof Sue Roaf.

the Village Homes eco-development

Looking very much like its suburban neighbours, Village Homes in Davis, California, is one of the earliest and best examples of eco-developments.

turn up the heat

In colder climates even the best insulated house will need a heating system.

use linoleum

Linoleum is a high quality sustainable material made from natural tree rubber.

retrofit v new-build

The pro’s and con’s of a new-build house rather than refurbishing an existing house.

why we put fabric first

Fabric First means making the building envelope as energy efficient as possible before thinking about the energy source for heating and cooling.

why embodied carbon is important

Embodied carbon is all the carbon emissions related to the “making” process and it’s probably more important than carbon from energy use.

use clay plasters

We haven’t completed this article yet but if you would like to contact a supplier try: Clay Works

use wool insulation

We haven’t completed this article yet but if you would like to contact a supplier try: Thermafleece

use hemp insulation

We haven’t completed this article yet but if you would like to contact a supplier try: Indinature

the Autonomous House

If a radical proposal is made to change the way that houses are serviced, it is perhaps too much to demand that people should also have to change their expectation of what a house should look like.

the original Passive House

Passivhaus is now an international standard for energy efficient homes, but this is where it all started.

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